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Product design features
1, magnetic surface shell, colorful shell can be replaced at will
2, the third gear linear trigger, the car three gear gradual acceleration, shooting one instant full second kill
3, cross key, ABXY button removable replacement, micro design
4, built-in 2.4g receiver storage

Functional characteristics
1, suitable for Switch, widows, Android, IOS and other devices
2, connection mode: Bluetooth, 2.4g receiver, wired
3, the trigger linear can be opened or closed (only need to trigger immediate feedback, no need to press to a certain extent)
4. One-click continuous transmission (manual/automatic)
5, asymmetric motor vibration, four-gear adjustment
6. Six-axis gyroscope
7. Wake up Switch with one click
8, macro programming joint move/key mapping
9, FPS mode, rocker switch no dead zone function

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