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B215 ANC TWS Bluetooth earphones

B215 ANC TWS Bluetooth earphones

1. ANC actively reduces noise, eliminates environmental noise, and achieves perfect communication.
2. Hall switch. The price includes:
1. TWS B208C * 1 set
2. Earplugs * 3 pairs (S, M, L, M set on the earplugs)
3. 30MM USB C charging cable * 1 piece
product details
Bluetooth version: 5.3
Bluetooth chip: Loda (AB1562A)
Supporting protocols: HFP A2DP AVRCP, etc
Working current, 5.3mA;
Static current:<6uA
Call current: approximately 10.0mA
Connected standby current: 0.45mA
Charging current: 50mA+5mA
Working distance: 10 meters
Battery parameters: headphone battery 451113, 50mAH 3.7v charging compartment 380mAH
Charging time:<2 hours
Call duration: approximately 5 hours
70% music playback time Volume: approximately 7 hours (California tour)
Noise reduction ANC mode call duration: 70% volume for approximately 5 hours, 100% volume for 4 hours (California hotels) Noise reduction ANC mode music playback duration: 70% volume for approximately 4 hours, 100% volume for 5 hours.
(California Hotel) Headphones+charging compartment fully charged, 70% volume working time: approximately 22.5 stick hours (California Hotel)
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B215 ANC TWS Bluetooth earphones
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