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Dongguan 3e Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (China Headquarter)

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Add: No.20,Baihao Shiji Road,Houjie, Dongguan,Guangdong, China

  Handle   Tel:+86 769 85889818
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About Us

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 Dongguan 3e Electronics Ltd was founded in 2016 as a high-tech manufacturer with engineering,production and sales capabilities.Located at a 10000㎡ site with 240 employees including 20 engineers,Dongguan 3e Electronics Ltd specializes in manufacturing game controllers,charging stations,battery kit,gaming headsets,sport earbuds,ANC headset/earbuds,bluetooth speakers,etc.The manufacturing sites are ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 approved,and also certified by US retailers such as Walmart,Best Buy,Gamestop,etc and first parties such as Xbox One,Playstation and Nintendo.   
    Dongguan 3e Electronics Ltd provides fast and accurate services to its customers including professional product design consultancy,in order to ensure the overall quality services of ODM/OEM.  
 In Dongguan 3e Electronics Ltd,we create passion,innovation and share success with our colleagues.We believe in growing us and our customers by satisfying their requirements in all aspects.