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        We are an intelligent manufacturing factory with product thinking, design capabilities, and self-research and development capabilities. We formulate and choose the Yuanverse ecology, the two-dimensional ecology, the gaming accessories ecology, the new energy vehicle entertainment ecology, and the health and beauty ecology.The business ecology is changing every day. We actively understand and participate in the development of the ecology. We develop and design the five major categories of products that we are good at based on scenarios, user portraits and other content. We continuously export our own products to customers and B-ends every year, this allows the company's products to be standardized and the factory to be intelligent and digital.

        The five major categories of products are:
        1. Smart glasses (AR/VR glasses);
        2. Controllers (handheld controller, game controller, game shake table, motion sensing accessories, AR/VR controller);
        3. Audio (2.4G low delay headset and TWS headset, wired game headset, other sound interactive two-dimensional accessories.
        4. Power series (Controller charging base, wireless charging product, charging cable, battery pack).
        5. Health and beauty series (health monitor, beauty instrument)

        We break through the single OEM mode, focusing on self-developed products, providing innovative products to target customers every year, and directly opening a new sales model of factory to B-end market (online self-operated stores, offline shopping malls). In order to achieve the ecology-oriented self-developed business model of the product can be sold quickly.
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